Summer Camp 2020

Camp Precautions

If you have a question that we haven’t covered here, please get in touch with us at or call 519-579-6025. Please note: These precautions may change upon any updates to Regional Guidelines at the time of camp operations.


Modified Programming
Daily Screening

We will complete a phone call pre-screening with each camper 24 hours prior to the start of camp. 

All employees and campers will be screened at the beginning of each day, including temperature checks

Pick Up/Drop Off

 Pick Up/Drop Off and screening will happen in the parking lot at staggered times. Parents are asked to stay in their vehicle at the time of Pick Up/Drop Off. 

8:30 drop off (bubbles will have their scheduled time slot, either 8:30am or 8:45am to limit the number of people in the entry areas)

4:00pm pick up  (bubbles will have their scheduled time slot, either 4:00pm or 4:15pm to limit the number of people in the entry areas)


Campers will be split into “bubbles” of no more than 8 kids and assigned staff that stay within that bubble for the entirety of the camp. Groups will spend the day “trading places” throughout the facility! Meaning bubbles are never sharing a space or activity. Bubbles will have their own eating space and will not join as 1 group to eat together. No food sharing will be allowed.


Clean, Clean, Clean!

We have a new cleaning regiment in place and our staff will be working hard to help keep our facility sparkling! 

We have built in extra hand washing breaks throughout the day and have installed
several hand sanitizer stations within the facility where staff will monitor campers use. 


Physical Distancing (wherever possible)

We will try to maximize the use of our outdoor time and have come up with a ton of low contact games to keep kids busy all day. Scavenger hunts, climbing bingo, obstacle courses and of course crafts! Each child will be given their own set of craft supplies at the start of camp so no sharing is needed. 


Closed to the Public

We are not open to the public during the week this summer! Campers will have free run of the facility and will not share with the general public. 


Refund Policy
Camp Minimum

We have a minimum 6 kid sign up to run the camp. If the minimum is not reached within 1 week of the start date we will cancel the camp and refund your payment.
If the camp runs – NO REFUNDS.