Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help make your first adventure climbing experience a great one! If you have a question that we haven’t covered here, please get in touch with us at info@go-bananas.ca or call 519-579-6025.

First Time

“How does it work?”

Climbing is hourly on the hour. We have a maximum capacity per hour so we always recommend booking ahead. Our staff will take care of the harnessing and rules. Staff will show parents/guardians how to clip their child in and out of the climbing walls with a detailed orientation at the beginning of their session! Staff is placed around the facility to help when needed. 


“Can I just walk in?”

Each hour has a limited number of spots so we always recommend booking ahead of time to secure your spot. Booking ahead is the only way to reserve a spot!


“What do I need to bring?”

All climbing rentals are included in the price. However, all climbers need to bring in a clean, dry pair of running shoes to climb in. No bare feet, socked feet, sandals or boots. Climbers can wear any comfortable clothing that they can bend, move and stretch in!


“What’s should kids wear?”

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that kids can bend and stretch in! Usually, short shorts and dresses are not the best choices.


“What’s your busiest time?”

Typically our busiest times are weekends during the day. If you are looking for a calmer, quieter time, Friday evenings are typically very quiet! (but still, make sure to book ahead!)


“How old does someone have to be to climb?”

We don’t have any age restrictions here! There is a minimum weight requirement of 25lbs and a maximum of 300lbs. So anyone who is between those weights can try climbing, even adults!


“What is your age range”

There is no age minimum or maximum age to climb on our walls! There is a weight minimum of 25lbs and a maximum of 300lbs so anyone between those weights can try climbing, even toddlers!


“Do parents have to pay?”

Only climbers pay. So, if you’re not climbing or participating then there is no cost! Spectators are required to sign our waiver if they enter the gated climbing area.


“Can I drop off my child to play?”

Children cannot be dropped off to climb. All children MUST have a Parent/Guardian present. Parents/Guardians are welcome to watch their child, sit and relax in our viewing area, or do some climbing of their own!


“Do you have food?”

We sell a few confectionary items such as juice, bagged chips, and sweet treats.


“Do you do refunds?”

We do not do refunds. But we understand that things come up! If you can’t make it for your booking as long as you give us proper notice, we will place a credit on your account in the full amount for use at a later date. You can notify us about cancellations by phone or email.


“Is there anything there for my toddler to do there?”

We host Toddler Time each Tuesday and Friday morning from 9:00-12:00 which is specifically designed for toddlers in mind! We have some non-climbing activities for the really little ones. As long as they weigh 25lbs they can try climbing anytime, not just toddler time!


“Can a grandparent bring their grandchild on their first visit?”

Grandparents can book and pay, but they cannot sign the waiver. Waivers can only be signed by the children’s parent/court-appointed legal guardian and must be filled out prior to their first visit. Parents can fill out our electronic waiver in advance at https://go-bananas.ca/waiver/


“What do I have to do as a parent?”

Our staff will take care of the harnessing and rules. Staff will show parents/guardians how to clip their child in and out of the climbing walls with a detailed orientation at the beginning of their session! Staff is placed around the facility to help when needed. 

Birthday Parties

 “What’s included in a party package?”

Our base party package includes 1 hour of climbing and 1 hour in the party room, which includes pizza, drinks, plates, napkins, cutlery and napkins. We even have candles, lighter and a cake knife in the room!



Unfortunately, no! They cannot. We have a limited capacity and keep track of every person climbing at any given time, so even if it is not busy, the kids are limited to the 1 HOUR of climbing. If you have concerns about this, feel free to contact us!


“When do I get access to my party room? can i have two party rooms?”

Access to the party room is only guaranteed for the second hour of the party. Our staff are awesome and clean every party room between each use, so if you want a clean room, the staff need the time to clean it! That said, since we have the BEST staff, the room is typically ready for you halfway through your climbing hour. 

Our parties are booked back to back, so you cannot have two rooms. 


“Can I bring in my own food?”

Our party packages include pizza, however, you are more than welcome to bring in extra snacks and drinks! There is a fridge and freezer in the party room to use. Lots of parents bring in things like fruit trays, veggie trays, bags of chips etc.


“How far in advance should I book?”

Typically our weekend party time slots book up fast. If you are looking for a specific date and time we recommend booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance. All our available time slots are available online! But you can always give us a call!


“Do all the parents need to stay?”

Parents of party guests don’t need to stay for the whole party. However depending on the age (under 4) sometimes it’s a good idea for parents to stick around.


“Is the birthday child included in the 8 kid package price?”

Yes, the birthday child is part of the 8 kids. So if you wanted to stick within the package it would be the birthday child plus 7 guests.


“I have young children that won’t be climbing but will be here for the party. Do I have to pay for them?”

You only have to pay for children/guests who will be climbing and you want to be included in the food amounts. If you have smaller children attending the party but not climbing there is no charge. But we won’t adjust food amounts to include the additional children. You can always pay for extra food for the little guests.


“When do I have to confirm the number of guests?”

While we do appreciate as much notice as possible we understand that some things are not in your hands! If you find out about last-minute changes to your number of guests give us a call and we will try to accommodate.


“If I have less than 8 guests, do I pay less?”

The base package price does not change if you have less than 8 guests. If you want to fill your last few spaces, you’re always welcome to invite a sibling or parent climb!


“If I need to cancel/reschedule my party, do I get my $100 deposit back?”

Our deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule we can transfer your deposit to a new date and time. If you need to cancel we will give you a credit for the full amount to be used at a later date. You must give us at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation/rescheduling of a party.


“How many kids fit in the party rooms?”

Each party room has two picnic tables. Typically you can fit 8-10 kids at each table depending on their age. Younger kids are smaller so you can fit more little ones! We strongly suggest keeping your party in the 15 guests range. Photos of our party rooms are available here.
You can also feel free to come in and check the party rooms out in person if you are unsure!


“Can I have my Room rental first and my Climbing portion second?”

Unfortunately not. We find little tummies full of pizza does not work well on climbing walls! So it is always climbing first, eating second.


“Where do you order your pizza from?”

We order pizza from Gino’s on Highland!


“Do they meet any dietary needs or restrictions?”

Gino’s offers a gluten-free pizza! Available in the size of Medium only. They are not a nut-free facility and do not have lactose free options. If you have dietary restrictions please give us a call and we can discuss your options!


“How do I book the party room my child specifically wants?”

Our birthday parties run back to back and often times are fully booked. If you are looking to book a specific room, you may need to be flexible with time. Please give us a call and we can discuss room availability with you and can even book you directly over the phone!



Cakes MUST be booked by a week before your party, so that we can send your order information to Dairy Queen, and pick up your cake in time!


“Do you sell gift cards?”

We sure do! We sell gift cards in any denomination. You can call, come in or purchase online!


“What are your hours of operation?”

You can find our current hours of operation here. We have some extended Holiday, PD Day and Summer hours. You can check our Google page, and follow us on social media for updates on all our special hours.


“Are you open on Holidays?”

We are open some Stat Holidays. You can always check our Google Page, Social Media pages or give us a call for our special hours!


“I booked Go Bananas opening time slot, how do I arrive 15 minutes early for harnessing if your business isn’t open yet?”

We always suggest arriving 15 minutes before your booking to begin harnessing and rules. This avoids missing any of your booked climbing time!  We will have our doors open 20 minutes before the first scheduled climb time.


“Is Go Bananas a Nut-free facility?”

We are not a Nut Free facility.


“Are Helmets required?”

Helmets are not required. If a child or parent would prefer to wear a helmet the whole time they are climbing, they are welcomed to do so. We have a few behind the desk, so you can ask for a helmet at any time!


“Can I bring in my own Helmet?”

Yes. Although we do not permit the use of personal climbing gear – you are welcome to bring in your own helmet. 


“Can I use my own climbing gear?”

We do not permit the use of outside gear. We provide the harness and helmet. You bring in clean indoor running shoes to climb in. 


“I am bringing my Grandchild, can I sign the waiver?”

No. Only parents legal court-appointed legal guardians can sign the waiver. Parents don’t need to be present to sign the waiver, they can do it ahead of time online!


“I have written permission to sign the waiver from the parent, can I sign the waiver?”

No. Only parents legal court-appointed legal guardians can sign the waiver. No exceptions.


“I am the guardian for the child for the day, can I sign the waiver?”

No. Only parents or guardians who are court-appointed can sign the waiver, if you are not the legal guardian of the child, then the parent has to sign the waiver. No exceptions.


“I’ve signed the waiver before, do I need to sign it again?”

If you’ve signed our waiver before, odds are you won’t need to sign it again. However they do expire after 3 years, and we do update it from time to time so it is always good to double-check with us! You can call or email us to find out about your waiver status.


“I’ve signed the Grand River Rocks waiver, do I need to sign Go Bananas waiver too?”

Although we are close neighbours, we are separate businesses. So even if you’ve signed the Grand River Rocks’ waiver, you’ll have to sign ours too before your visit.

Play Pass Cards

Climb more, pay less! We sell bulk passes at a discounted rate. Passes don't expire and can be shared within age brackets!

We Have Camps!

We offer full Day PD Day, March Break and Summer Camps! We have limited spots available so reserve in advance!

Toddler Time!

Looking for a new adventure for your little one? Toddler Time is every Tuesdays 9am-11am.